Sleep is important. Everyone needs it. Typically, we spend a good portion of our day trying to rest and allow our bodies to recharge and do some necessary processes. A mattress is a logical place to do this. However, over time our mattresses grow old and less comfortable. That reason, along with a few others, makes it important to replace your mattress on a regular schedule.

Mattresses need replaced when they start sagging, get lumpy or get too hard or too soft (in the case of memory foam). A memory foam mattress can also need replaced when your impression is too deep in the mattress with no chance of disappearing once you have been out of bed for awhile. This means the mattress is not in the best shape and cannot do what it is meant to for your comfort.

Other reasons to replace a mattress mesa AZ may be that you are in pain after attempting to sleep on the mattress, you don’t get any sleep or you are dealing with allergies that seem to be worse when you try to sleep on your mattress.

Finally, there is the general age rule. Mattresses that are seven to 10 years old tend to need replaced. This is because they are only recommended for use that long. Any longer, and you will start to experience issues if you haven’t yet run into them during your nightly siesta.

Consider the amount of sleep you are getting and whether you are starting to dread going to sleep. If the one is getting to be less and less and the other is more than ever, then it is time to replace that mattress and make your bed the welcoming oasis of calm and comfort that it used to be. Your body will thank you.